Our Products

  1. Rice Flour.

Our rice flour goes with the brand name SHINKAVITA. SHINKAVITA is a premium quality rice flour milled from top quality white rice.

SHINKAVITA comes in 1Kg X 10, 2Kg X 5, and 5Kg packs.

Product range

A. 1Kg X 10 Packs: This pack contains 10 pieces of 1Kg packets.

1Kg X 10 Packs

B. 2Kg X 5 Packs: This packs contain 5 pieces of 2Kg packets.

2Kg X 5 Pack

C. 5Kg packs: This pack is a single bag containing 5Kg of SHINKAVITA

2. Ginger Powder

Our ginger powder is a premium quality product that is produced from top quality fresh ginger that is washed, sundried, sorted and milled with food grade stainless steel equipment.

The product is produced purposefully for industrial consumers and it comes packaged in a 10Kg double layer pack to preserve its flavor and for ease of shipping.

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