Get Branded Rice Packs

TOPFOODS PROCESSING COMPANY LTD now has the capacity to produce branded rice packs for political campaigns and other purposes.

The branded pack contains 2Kg Parboiled Rice. 2Kg Rice Flour and 1Kg Sugar which are basic day to day food items that are highly desired by households across Nigeria.

With any political campaign season, staffers and organizers are constantly seeking new ideas and tactics to get ahead of competitors in the race. Promotional products are always a big win with crowds — especially those that can gain traction and get recognition as people go about their daily lives. Branded food items, distributed free to the poor and vulnerable, who represent a large percentage of the voting population, is one of those tactics popularly used in gaining the admiration of the voting population.

With the high rise of the cost of food products across the country, many people are finding it difficult to buy food. The poor and vulnerable are especially affected by this trend, and many of them rely on the help they receive from other people to be able to feed their families.

We have made it easy for you to sponsor the the production of this branded food item on behalf of your favorite candidate in the upcoming elections.

As shown in the photo samples below, the branded food pack will carry the picture of your favorite candidate, the logo of the political party he/she represents and a ”VOTE” symbol encouraging people to vote for the candidate. Additionally, as the sponsor, the pack will also carry your picture and/or Logo of your organization. It will also carry your name and/or organization name, and your contact details.

Please see below photo samples of the branded food pack.


500 to 1,999 bags₦4,500 per bag
2,000 to 4,999 bags₦4,300 per bag
10,000 bags and More₦4,000 per bag


We will deliver the products free of charge to your desired location. Delivery will be within 15 days after accepting your order and receipt of payments.


Payment can be made via cheque in favor of TOPFOODS PROCESSING COMPANY or direct bank transfer into our company account below;

Account Name: TopFoods Processing Company

Account Number: 7562458015

Bank Name: First City Monument Bank (FCMB)

If you are interested in sponsoring the production of the branded rice packs or any other branded food item, please reach out to us via any of the channels below:

Factory Visitation: 03/89, Bank Road, Besides Timber Shed, Abakpa, Kaduna State, Nigeria

WhatsApp: 09097085685


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